Policy #3.17-Fire Drills

FIRE DRILLS                                                                                                 3.17


All schools shall conform to the following fire drill regulations:


a. The responsible school official in charge of the school or the school system shall formulate a plan for the protection and evacuation of all persons in the event of fire, and shall include alternate means of egress for all persons involved; such plan to be presented to and approved by the head of the Fire Department or his designee.


b. The principal or person in charge of each school shall see that each class instructor or supervisor shall receive proper instructions on the fire drill procedure specified for the room or area in which that person carries out his duties before he assumes such duties. The teacher shall also properly display fire drill instructions in the classroom.


c. Every student in all schools shall be advised of the fire drill procedure or shall take part in a fire drill within three days after entering such school.


d. The head of the Fire Department, at his discretion, may visit each school each year for the purpose of conducting fire drills and may question teachers and supervisors. These drills shall be conducted without advance warning to the school personnel other than the person in charge of the school at the time.






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