Policy #5.11.1-Care of Emergencies-Injury/Illness

CARE OF EMERGENCIES - Injury/Illness                                                             5.1l.1


At the beginning of each academic year, families are asked to fill out an emergency form indicating relatives or friends school personnel might contact in the event of illness or injury when a parent/guardian cannot be reached at home or their place of business. Families should notify the school promptly of any changes in the list of emergency contacts.


When a student needs to visit the nurse he/she receives permission from his/her classroom teacher. The child's name, time of arrival and reason for the visit are recorded. Parents/guardians will be notified when there is serious illness or injury, repeated visits during the school day for the same complaint or frequent visits to the nurse. Only those injuries or illnesses occurring in school or on the school bus going to or from school, or on the school grounds during school hours, arc the responsibility of the school personnel. Children injured outside of the school hours will not be treated by the school nurse. Treatment, or the arrangement for treatment of home injuries, illnesses, rashes, etc., is the home's responsibility.       The school nurse may not legally diagnose.


The school has the responsibility for immediate first aid care as well as notifying the parents who, in turn, have the responsibility for transporting the child home or to a doctor at their expense. It is the responsibility of the parent to arrange for the taxi if this is the means of transportation to be used. Under no circumstances shall any school personnel call a taxi for a child.


The handling of cases in which the home telephone does not answer, or in which there is no telephone, is to be at the discretion of the school nurse. If parents are unable to be reached during the day by telephone for a reason requiring parental notification, (i.e., injury, emotional problem, etc.) a memorandum from the Health Office will be sent home.


Accidents are to be reported to the school nurse and the principal. This includes accidents which may seem trivial. The teacher in charge of the class or activity in which the accident occurred must submit an accident report to the office before the end of the day. This report is to be carefully and fully made out on the form provided.


Treatment and after care of injury or illness is the responsibility of the family and their family physician. No child is dismissed without being accompanied by a responsible person. It should be made certain that a qualified person will be there when the injured or sick child arrives home.


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