Policy #5.10.2-Responsibilities

RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                                     5.10.2


1. All members of the school community are expected to contribute generously to the establishment of order.


2. The School Committee holds all school personnel through the Superintendent, responsible for the maintenance of order within the school and supports all personnel acting within the framework of School Committee policy.


3. The Superintendent shall establish procedures to carry out the School Committee policy; shall hold all school personnel, students and parents responsible for conforming to the provision of the policy concerning the behavior of students; and shall support all school personnel performing their duties within the framework of the school policy.


4. The school principal shall be responsible to the Superintendent for the conduct of his school. The principal shall be given the responsibility and authority to formulate school rules and regulations to enforce policy. The principal shall involve other members of the professional team in the disposition of behavior referrals and shall make use of all agencies available for assisting students and parents.


5. Teachers shall be responsible for providing a well planned teaching/learning situation. They shall enforce the rules and regulations in the schools.


6. Non-instructional personnel shall be responsible for contributing to the atmosphere of mutual respect within the school community.


7. Parents shall be held responsible for the behavior of their children. Parents are expected to cooperate with the school authorities and participate in conferences regarding behavior of their children.


8. Pupils shall be held individually responsible for knowing and understanding the rules and regulations of the school.


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