Policy #5.10.11-Alcohol & Drug User

A. ALCOHOL AND DRUG USER                                                              5.10.11


            When a student shows a marked change in his classroom attendance, his academic achievement, and his physical and emotional growth pattern, and the staff member has reason to believe that the student is involved either in drug taking or alcohol usage, he must seek to help the student by making a confidential request for assistance through the administration.


            The school policy and procedures for dealing with students who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs are basically the same as those used for any students showing signs of illness. The staff member should not make a direct accusation, but rather make the action straight-forward and objective.


            Those students misusing alcohol and drugs in and out of school are encouraged by the administration and staff to speak to the school nurse or the school adjustment counselor who in turn will refer the individual to the source or sources which will provide any services necessary for rehabilitation.


            If it has been established that drug or alcohol usage is involved, the school administration then works with a doctor and the family in aiding the student. The parents will be urged to see to it that the student receives the proper therapy; however, if the parents cannot be involved in helping the student, the case should be handled by the school guidance department and all the resources that can be utilized by the administration.


            The school will utilize the facilities of co-operating agencies throughout Massachusetts in making referrals that will provide better services to the Millis community. It is only by utilizing the combined strength of the teachers, administration, counselors, nurses, law enforcement agencies, churches, and mental health clinics that society will be able to alleviate the drug and alcohol problem.




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