Policy #5.10.10-Alchhol & Drug (revised 9/5/6)




All students have a right to receive an appropriate education in an environment free of alcohol and drugs. The Millis School Committee encourages educational programs that provide every student with an understanding of the physical, psychological, social and legal dangers associated with alcohol and drug use.


In addition, the Millis School Committee encourages a spirit of cooperation and sharing of appropriate information about suspected use of alcohol or drug abuse between the Millis Public Schools, the Millis Police Department, and parents/guardians in an attempt to eliminate alcohol and drug use by students.


Students shall not possess, use, sell, give or otherwise transmit alcohol, drugs, or drug paraphernalia or be under the influence of alcohol or any illegal drug or regulated substance, as defined in M.G.L. Chapter 94C on any school properly or at any school-sponsored activity or event away from or within the school. This includes the use of any illegal drug or regulated substance prior to attendance at, or participation in, a school-sponsored activity.


It is a violation of this policy if on any school property or at any school-sponsored event away from or within the school:

  • A student is knowingly in attendance at a gathering where minors are consuming alcohol illegally or anyone is using illegal drugs, whether or not the student was engaged in the activity
  • A student purposely tries to avoid detection with the intent of violating this policy
  • A student intentionally aids and abets another student to violate this policy


It is also a violation of this policy if a student is reported by the police to have been in attendance at a private gathering where alcohol is being illegally consumed or drugs are being used.


Students who violate this policy will be disciplined in accordance with school regulations and regulations published in the student handbook including but not limited to suspension or expulsion from any extracurricular activities, events or school organizations including athletic teams, and/or suspension or expulsion from school. (M.G.L. Chapter 71, Section 37H and 37H 1/2)


The building principal will have discretion in determining the appropriate disciplinary measures, including whether or not a student shall be suspended, from what activities, and for what period of time. The School Committee will make a final determination if expulsion for alcohol-related violations is recommended by the building principal.


All school staff members must report to the building principal each and every known incident, suspected incident, or suspected pattern of use, possession or trafficking in alcohol or drugs or drug paraphernalia, or if any student is believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


First Reading: August 29, 2006


Second Reading: September 5, 2006


Approved: September 5,2006




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