Policy #3.18-Bomb Call Procedure

BOMB CALL PROCEDURES                                                                     3.18


Procedure shall be implemented in the event a call or notice is received to the effect that a bomb has been placed in or upon a school building.


On receipt of a bomb call the following shall be adhered to:


1. The person who received the call should try to remember everything the caller said: if male or female, age of caller, etc. This information should be given to the person in charge of the building.


2. All students and personnel shall be evacuated in accordance with fire drill evacuation procedure. Both police and fire departments shall be notified and their response should be in accordance with pre-defined responsibilities.


3. A search of the facility threatened shall be conducted by all personnel pre-designated to do so. Control of the overall search shall be conducted from one central command post by the principal or his designee.


4. Subsequent re-entry shall be at the discretion of the person in control of the premises and only after a thorough evaluation of all the information available relative to that particular bomb call.


5. Circumstances will dictate whether any strange or foreign objects should be removed immediately or left for removal by a qualified person.

6. Investigation of such incidents is usually made by the local police department.


N.B. A bomb hoax is a felony punishable by imprisonment of up to twenty years in state prison (Chapter 269, Section 14 Massachusetts General Laws).




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