Policy #5.11.6-Admission of Non-Resident Students

ADMISSION OF NON-RESIDENT STUDENTS                                       5.11.6


            Students who do not legally qualify as residents of the Town of Millis will be charged tuition except as special considerations which fall within the following categories:


1.         To provide temporarily for the continuous progress of children whose families move to or from the Town at times when not being able to attend school might disrupt their ongoing education.

2.         To bring into the school system on occasion students from other countries who are the guests of residents under exchange programs that have been recognized for purposes of school attendance by the Committee.


            Non-resident students who have been given special consideration for the reasons stated above, or unless enrolled through an agreement with another school system or agency, will be charged tuition based on a per pupil cost determined in accordance with state law. This cost will be determined annually, and the tuition set by the Committee.


3.         Upon written request to the Superintendent of Schools and approval by the Committee, non-resident students whose parents are employed in the Millis Public Schools as non-instructional employees will be granted permission to attend this school system.


            Non-resident students under this special consideration will be charged tuition based on an annual fixed rate of seventy percent (70%) of the per pupil cost as reported by the State.


            The Committee will approve specific regulations which govern the admission of all non-resident students.


            The superintendent will develop the needed procedures for admission of any non-resident and tuition payment. Non-resident students will comply with age and grade level

requirements in force for this school system. Continuation of non-resident students in the schools will be dependent on satisfactory citizenship, performance and space availability.


Legal References M.G.L. Chapter 76: Section 6; Chapter 76: Section 12; Chapter 76: Section 12B


Adopted 9/16/86




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