Policy #5.10.1-Discipline

DISCIPLINE                                                                                                  5.10.1


            Each individual is encouraged to identify and develop his or her unique attitudes, abilities and interests. Such opportunities for growth are best provided in a positive learning environment characterized by an atmosphere of openness and mutual respect for the personal worth and dignity of each person.


            Each individual must learn to work with others and share with them the privileges and responsibilities of good citizenship. The development of self discipline and acceptance of individual responsibility is one of the important goals of education.


            Effective discipline in a school is directly related to the excellence of the total educational program. Individuals who are motivated and who possess a sense of responsibility are an inspiration to others. It is the responsibility of the school and the community to provide an atmosphere of purpose and concern for the education and well-being of every person in the school environment. Such an atmosphere ensures a free and unhampered opportunity for teachers and students to grow and achieve their mutual goals.


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