Policy #5.8-Student Lockers

STUDENT LOCKERS                                                                                  5.8


Lockers are a privilege offered to students in the public schools. They are the property of the public rather than any individual student and as such are subject to inspection at any time subject to the following paragraphs:


1.         When the welfare of the schools indicate that an inspection of a locker  should       take place such inspection shall be carried out by the administration of the school.


2.         When, upon request of a police officer, it is anticipated that inspection of a            student's locker may be necessary in connection with the collecting of evidence in     connection with a criminal matter such inspection shall be permitted only upon          the presentation of the required warrant; and prior to such inspection, the pupil             and his parents are to be advised that such an inspection is contemplated and that

            they may be present during the inspection of the locker if they so desire.



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