Policy #5.4.5-Meals Charge Policy

Millis Public Schools

Meal Charge Policy                                                                                        5.4.5


I.          Purpose/Policy:


The purpose of this policy is to establish consistent meal account procedures throughout the district. There is a fine balance that needs to be attained between the solvency of the food service program and the nutritional needs of students. The goals of this policy are:


To ensure that all students have a healthy meal and that no child goes hungry.


To treat all students with dignity and confidentiality in the serving line regarding meal accounts.


To support positive and clear communication among staff, administrators, teachers, students and parent/guardians.


To establish fair practices that can be used throughout the school district.


To encourage parent/guardians to assume the responsibility of meal payments and             to promote self-responsibility of the student.


To establish a consistent practice regarding charges and collection of charges.


II.        Scope of Responsibility:


The Food Service Department: Responsible for maintaining charge records and notifying the school district of outstanding balances.


The School District: Responsible for notifying the student's parent/guardian with written documentation.


The Parent/Guardian: Immediate payment.


III.       Administration:


1. All students K-12 will be allowed to charge a maximum of two (2) meals at any given time.


            a. These meals will include only menu items part of the reimbursable                                  meal.

            b. After the second offense, the student will be given a designated menu                              alternate.

            Sample: Cheese sandwich, veggies sticks, fruit, milk.


2. This meal will be rung in the register as a "PAID" meal (in order for the district to receive federal reimbursement).


3. After the second offense, the school district will be directed to place a    telephone call and/or send written notification to the parent/guardian indicating:

            a. the debt

            b. the inability for further full meals, i.e., their child will be given an                                    alternative meal.

            c. the availability of free/reduced meal.



4. For departmental record-keeping, the cashier will enter the child's name, grade, teacher and amount owed into the log book noting the 1st, 2nd offense and the date the school district was notified.


5. When a parent/guardian has applied for free/reduced meal but before the school has been notified of eligibility, the student will be given an alternative meal.


6. If the parent/guardian's application for free meal status is approved then the balance owed for unpaid meals shall be forgiven. If the application for reduced meal status is approved then the balance owed for unpaid meals shall be recalculated at the reduced meal rate, with payment due within ten calendar days of written notification to the parent/guardian.


7. In the middle of May, all charging will be cut off:

            a. Parents/guardians will be sent a written request for "Payment in Full".

            b. All charges not paid before the end of the school year will be carried forward      into the next school year.

            c. Seniors must pay all charges before graduation as stated in the High School         Handbook.


8. No a la carte items may be charged.


9. An alternative to charging may include the student being sent to the principal's office to borrow from an established fund.


1st reading - October 6,2009


2nd reading - Waived - October 20,2009


3rd reading - October 20, 2009


Approved by the Millis School Committee - October 20,2009


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