Policy #4.12-Assignment/Tutoring




            The assignment for home study to individual students who are unable to attend school for an extended period of time for reasons such as illness or handicap shall be prepared by classroom teachers under the supervision of the principal of the school.


            The assignments shall be prepared to suit the individual needs of the absent student. Any extended assignments for delivery shall be the shared responsibility of the principal and the staff of the individual school, and the parent/guardian.


            The following shall serve as a guide:


1.         Make-up assignments for absences of less than five (5) consecutive days shall be arranged between the individual student and the classroom teacher. The classroom or subject teacher shall have all information required for continuing study within one (1) school day of the request.


2.         For absences of less than ten (10) consecutive days, class instructional material and assignments can be arranged with classmates or parents and the individual classroom teacher. The classroom or subject teacher shall have all information required for continuing study within two (2) school days of the request.


3.         When it is projected that a student will be unable to attend school for a period of more than fourteen (l4) consecutive days a request for tutoring or special help shall be initiated by the parent/guardian or physician to a counselor or principal. The SPED 766-1lA (R) form (pages 1 and 2) shall be filled out and sent to the Director of Pupil Personnel Services.


            The Pupil Personnel Services Director will be notified by the principal or the counselor of all requests for home instruction who will specify the number of hours and any restrictions involved in each home instruction case.


            A program of home instruction shall be planned by the counselor or by the elementary building principal. The program will be planned in terms of the restrictions imposed. The counselor or principal will secure a tutor by first contacting the student's regular teacher. If the regular teacher does not wish to do the actual teaching, the principal or counselor shall contact the Pupil Personnel Services Director for a list of tutors.


            The counselor or principal will arrange a meeting with the tutor and the classroom or subject teacher(s). At this time, the tutor shall be supplied with the necessary information concerning course content and be given the necessary books and supplies.


            The tutor will arrange with the parents/guardian for tutoring hours that are mutually satisfactory.


            Before beginning the first tutoring session, the tutor shall explain to the parents/guardian what the student must do in order to secure subject mastery which is to be used in determining promotion.


            Tutors are expected to confer at least once a week with the subject classroom teacher. The tutor shall be compensated on an hourly basis for time used in these classrooms.


            In order for a student to receive credit for make-up work, all assignments must be completed and tests passed to the teacher's satisfaction.


            The following shall be presented and explained to the parent by the tutor on the first visit to the home. Questions should be referred to the guidance counselor/or principal of the school in which the child attends.




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