Policy #3.20.1-Evaluation of Instructional Personnel

EVALUATION OF INSTRUCTIONAL PERSONNEL                              3.20.1


            An evaluation of instructional personnel is for the purpose of improving and judging performance. Individual evaluation reports should identify areas in need of improvement, as applicable, and should provide suggestions as to how this improvement can take place.


            It is expected that the evaluator interact with the teacher in order to promote a mutual commitment to quality education. The evaluation should address itself to the areas outlined in the evaluation instrument.


            Periodically, training in evaluation skills will be offered to all administrators and supervisors responsible for evaluation reports.


            At least one (1) written evaluation report shall be completed for each tenured teacher (serving at discretion).


            A minimum of three written evaluation reports shall be compiled for all non-tenured teachers within a school year for each of the three years prior to serving at discretion (tenure).


            If more than the minimum written evaluations are required, because of lack of improvement or unsatisfactory job performance, the supervisor(s) shall have the responsibility of completing additional evaluation reports within thirty (30) school days and each succeeding thirty (30) school days until improvement in the job function is deemed satisfactory or unsatisfactory.


            A copy of each written evaluation report, mutually signed by the supervisor and the teacher and which may include a written response from the teacher, shall be forwarded to the Superintendent of Schools.


            It shall be further understood that all monitoring or observation of the work performance of a teacher shall be conducted openly and with the full knowledge of the teacher. The use of eavesdropping, public address or audio systems and similar surveillance devices shall be strictly prohibited.




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