Policy #1.6.5-Conduct of Meetings

CONDUCT OF MEETINGS                                                                                    1.6.5


All meetings shall be governed by the laws of parliamentary procedure according to Robert's Rules of Order.


The authority and duties of the members of the Committee are defined in pertinent sections of the General Laws of Massachusetts and the Regulations adopted by the Committee. Since the Committee perceives its policy-making role to be one that demands both breadth and flexibility, no attempt is made to catalogue all rights and duties, because of their unique nature, are given specific mention.


No member of the Committee, including the Chairman, shall exercise authority outside of Committee meetings nor exercise any administrative responsibility with respect to the schools unless such authority has been specifically delegated to him by statute or by vote of the Committee.


The Committee shall act as a unit; that is, all questions of general policy shall be settled by formal vote of the Committee. No sub-committee shall have executive authority unless so authorized by vote of the Committee. On those matters that require emergency action, when there is not time for a full Committee meeting, the Superintendent shall have the responsibility of making decisions, with notification to the Chairman, subject to the subsequent approval of the Committee at the next regularly scheduled meeting.



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