Policy #1.3.2-Procedure

Procedure:                                                                                                       1.3.2


  • A policy may be initiated by a member of the School Committee, an administrator, a teacher, a school department employee, or by an interested citizen by requesting the Superintendent to provide for a discussion of the proposed policy by listing it on a regular School Committee agenda.
  • The person initiating the discussion should provide the Superintendent with a written statement of the proposed policy when he requests its inclusion on an agenda. This statement should be sent to the Committee members with the agenda.
  • Arrangements shall be made by the Superintendent for the discussion of this policy at the School Committee meeting.
  • If the proposed policy meets with the Committee's desires, a revised statement shall be prepared and presented at the next or a future School Committee meeting,
  • A report shall be made by the Superintendent to the Committee as to the disposition of the adopted policy,




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