Policy #8.1-Transportation - Purpose

PURPOSE                                                                                                      8.l


            The purpose of the Transportation Policy is to provide an efficient and economical transportation system that meets the responsibilities of the School Committee as set forth by Massachusetts Department of Education and the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


            Pupils shall be provided with transportation to and from a Millis Public School at town expense in accordance with statutory requirements and School Committee regulations. In cases where the health and safety of pupils are involved, the Superintendent may modify established regulations with the approval of the School Committee.


            A Standing Committee shall be established consisting of not more than nine (9) members which shall include a member of the School Committee, the Superintendent of Schools, the Director of Transportation, and a Safety Officer, for the purpose of recommending to the School Committee regulations consistent with the policies of the School Committee. The Standing Committee shall be available to resolve problems which will be referred to them, in writing, through the Director of Transportation.


            The above does not preclude the right of the parent to appeal to the School Committee.


            Students will not be required to walk more than one and one-quarter miles to their elementary school or secondary students more than one and one-half miles to their respective schools.


            Students will not be required to walk more than one (1) mile to a scheduled bus stop.


            (Exception - For kindergarten pupils on the A.M. drop off and the P.M. pickup, the bus will stop as close to their homes as reasonable.)


            Transportation will be provided for students in grades l and 2 who reside over one (1) mile from school.


            A student shall be allowed on or off the bus only at his/her designated bus stop.


            At the beginning of the school year, a parent may request, in writing, to the Transportation Committee a change in the designated bus stop.


            Any change after the beginning of the school year will be evaluated by the Transportation Committee.


            All students must be seated before the bus is put into motion.

            Transportation for field trips, after school activities, and sporting events will be provided when approved by the Building Principal and the Transportation Director.




Transportation Policy


            The arrangement for transportation of children to their homes when they become ill during the school day is the responsibility of the parents upon notification of the child's condition by the individual school office.


            Other than authorized vehicles, no cars will be allowed to enter on the elementary school grounds between the hours of 8:30 and 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 and 3:30 p.m.


            Only students in grades K - 5 will be granted permission to board a K - 5 bus.


            Students in the Middle School, grades 6 - 8, only will be allowed to board a Middle School bus.


            Only High School students, grades 9 - 12, will be transported in a bus designated for High School Students.





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