Policy #6.1-Citizens Request for Curriculum or Educational Service Change Req. Form

Citizen Request for Curriculum or Educational. Service Change                    6.1


The educational program should be responsive to the needs and goals of the local community. The Committee realizes, however, that any curriculum or educational service change, including additions or deletions, which is suggested by the public, should be studied carefully by a qualified committee to ascertain that the change is feasible and in the best interest of the total school system.


Therefore, any individual or group who wishes to suggest a curriculum or educational service change shall first describe the proposed change on a form which can be secured from the Superintendent of Schools. Upon the receipt of such a written request, the Superintendent shall appoint an ad hoc committee to study said request and to make recommendations to him/her and the Committee concerning its disposition.


That is, the Committee believes that all curriculum or educational service requests should be studied as objectively as possible. The Committee, therefore, will take no action on curriculum or educational service requests or suggestions until the above procedure has been followed.






1. Name of person submitting request:


2.Are you filing this request as an individual or for a group? Please specify.


3. Please give a general statement of your suggestion.





4. Specific information concerning request:

a) Are you proposing a course, an activity, a book, a service? Please explain.


b) For which students is it intended?


c) How much time would need to be allotted?


d) What additional personnel, if any, would be required to implement your suggestion?


e) Is this to take the place of a particular subject or service or is it to be an additional subject or service?


f) Why do you think the implementation or your request would improve our educational system?



g) When should your suggestion be implemented?


h) What costs are involved in your suggestion?


5. Whom can the ad hoc committee contact to get more specific details concerning this suggestion?










Date Filed




Reservation Form


Clyde Brown

Middle/High School

Gym ___

Classroom ___

Computer lab __

Other ________


Cafeteria ___

Library ___




Meeting room _

Classroom ___

Auditorium ___

Other ________


Computer lab __

Library ___

Gym ___

Other requests:

Microphone ___ Podium ___ TV/DVD ___ Overhead Projector ___

Additional requests may require technical assistance at an additional expense.

Contact David Byrne at 508-376-7013.                                                                                

Kitchen use requires the presence of kitchen staff. Contact Eli Norris at 508-376-7005     

If food is to be served: The sponsoring group is obligated to contact the Millis Board of Health at (508) 376-7042 to determine if a Temporary Food Permit would be required.                                  

Date of function:                     Number attending:                             

Start time:                   A.M. ___ P.M. ___ End time:           A.M. ___ P.M. ___   

Additional dates:                                                                                                                                


Person responsible for this event:                                                                                         

Address:                                                                                  Phone:                        


I have read the reservation policy and understand that I am responsible for all expenses required and the conditions of this contract. It is understood that if school is canceled for any reason, all activities for the remainder of that calendar day are also canceled.           


Signature:                                                                                Date:




School Principal Signature:                                                     Date:


Director of Operations:                                                          Date:


Superintendent of Schools:                                                     Date:



Est. User fee:                         Est. Custodial wages:                         Est. Technical:



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