Policy #4.24-School Vehicle use

Millis Public Schools School Vehicle Use Policv                                           4.24.0



1.         The Millis School Committee recognizes that it is beneficial to the Department to have certain employees who are assigned vehicles to have those vehicles with           those employees at all times. Such reasons include the following:


                        a. The vehicles can be kept in a location that minimizes the opportunity for                       vandalism;


                        b. Drivers can easily assume the responsibility for brushing snow from the                         vehicle after a storm, thereby allowing it to be ready for student                                          transportation quickly;


                        c. The vehicles will always be available should a student (or students)                                 need to be brought home at an earlier hour than scheduled due to student                                  illness or other emergency;


                        d. Full sized busses may be needed on short notice to evacuate schools in                           an emergency.


2.         The Millis School Committee recognizes that, because of the nature of driving        assignments, there is down time during which employees may need to use            restroom facilities and obtain nourishment before returning to an assignment.


3.         The Millis School Committee also recognizes that, because of the "split shift"        nature of assignments, some employees work additional jobs between driving         assignments and may require transportation, subject to the mileage limitations set       forth herein.


Requirements of Employees


Employees shall recognize that the primary use of vehicles is to facilitate the fulfilling of needed services to the Millis Public Schools.


Employees shall keep the vehicles clean and report any malfunction or damage to their immediate supervisor within 24 hours from the time of the damage or malfunction.


An employee shall report any damage to another vehicle or property occurring due to contact with a School Department vehicle he/she is driving to his/her immediate supervisor within 24 hours from the time of the damage.


An employee who witnesses contact between a School Department vehicle and another vehicle or property shall complete and submit an incident report to his/her immediate supervisor within 24 hours from the time of the incident.


Employees shall obey all applicable traffic and parking regulations, ordinances, and laws.


Employees shall not operate the vehicles under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs which may interfere with effective and safe operation.


Employees who incur parking or other fines in School Department vehicles shall notify their supervisors immediately and will be personally responsible for the payment of such fines.       .


Employees who are issued citations for any moving motor vehicle violation must notify their supervisors immediately. Failure to provide such notice may be grounds for disciplinary action.


An employee who is arrested for or charged with a motor vehicle offense for which the punishment includes suspension or revocation of the motor vehicle license, whether in his/ her personal vehicle or in a School Department vehicle must notify his/her supervisor immediately. Conviction for such an offense may be grounds for disciplinary action. Multiple driving offenses of a lesser nature whether using his/her personal vehicle or a School Department vehicle may also be grounds for disciplinary action. A driver may be required to provide a copy of his/her Registry of Motor Vehicles driving record on an annual basis to his/her supervisor.


Employees may not use a School Department vehicle out of state unless a driving assignment so requires.


An employee may only use a School Department vehicle for limited personal use (not to exceed 25 miles per school week) over and above the employee's approved route. Such personal use is only allowed between the time that the employee starts his/her assigned run and the time that the employee returns to his/her home at the end of his/her last run. Vehicles may not be used at any time other than in conjunction with a specified driving assignment.


Employees shall not leave any vehicle unattended with students in the vehicle.


Only the assigned employee may drive the vehicle.


In a true emergency situation, an employee may utilize the School Department vehicle but must report that use to his/her supervisor within 24 hours.


First Reading: June 21, 2005


Second Reading: July 26, 2005


Approved: July 26, 2005


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