Policy #4.12.1-High School

HIGH SCHOOL                                                                                             4.12.1


            Students who have received permission to be tutored at home will receive credit towards promotion and graduation under the following conditions:


            l.          Credit will be given only for those subjects in which a tutor is approved by                        the school department.


            2.         All work done in the regular class, including any work missed before                                   request for tutor is made, in the subjects for which a tutor is supplied, must                 be completed to the satisfaction of the classroom teacher in whose class                                the student is enrolled.


            3.         Major tests, e.g., term tests, as given to regularly attending students must                           be taken by the student being tutored and, insofar as is possible, at the                                  same time as given to the class in school. These tests are to be counted                                     toward a mark in the subject in the same manner as for regular students.


            4.         Advance in grade and graduation will be determined for the homebound in               high school on the same basis as for students in regular daily attendance.


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