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Clyde F. Brown - News and Updates

CFB Highlights - Week Ending May 8, 2015

Read World Geometry

Using our new iPads, generously donated by our HSA organization, Mrs. Valluzzi's students walked the building looking for examples of geometry.  We love what they found!

CFB Highlights - Week Ending May 1, 2015

Skyping with Matt Tavares

Ms. Colcord's students enjoyed a conversation with one of their favorite authors today!  Matt Tavares shared tips on writing and illustrating and answered lots of questions!

Second Grade Suspense

Another project made possible by re-use of the district's first purchase of iPad-1s, and our CFB HSA's generous purchase of newer iPads... 

Students recorded themselves reading their suspense writing. Mrs. Lang combined that with their original illustrations to create this wonderful project.  

Turn Back the Clock!

On Friday, 4/10, Grade-4 students ended their week by turning back the clock in their wardrobe choices.  School spirit rules!

CFB Highlights - Week Ending March 27, 2015

Kindness - The MCAS Way

As we begin MCAS this week in 3rd and 4th grade, we wanted to share this short video that showcases the positive, supportive spirit of Clyde Brown staff and students.  

CFB Highlights - Week Ending March 20, 2015

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